Crémant de Marinas

And here comes our sparkling rosé wine, for whenever you wish to celebrate something!   

Traditional method
Grape varieties: 100% Ugni blanc

Surface: 0.4 ha

Yield: 20 hl/ha, 1650 bottles

Harvest: Manually in picking crates

Vinification: Immediate pressing and cold-racking, with a first fermentation in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks. The wine undergoes a second fermentation for nine months in the bottle, according to the traditional method.

Tasting: Pearly yellow robe with Zitrus fruits aroma. In the mouth, the fineness of the bubbles is matched with a delicate pear flavor. A very refreshing and well structured wine thanks to its slight hint of acidity. Ideal for all festive occasions!

Serving temperature: 10 – 12 °C

Ideal partner for: Aperitifs, salads, terrine and foie gras

Cellaring tips: Avoid temperature fluctuations, upright storage and direct light.