The Costes-Cirgues estate is made up of small parcels with vines and olive trees planted side-by-side. The remarkable diversity of the soils – slate, gravel, chalk, flint and marl – give each parcel its own unique character.

The Mediterranean climate, lightly sloping hillsides and the dry stone walls encircling the parcels leave their special mark on the wines and olive oil of Costes-Cirgues.

This environment and climate offer the ideal conditions for organic and biodynamic agriculture. In order to implement our convictions until the final product, we decided from the  beginning to add no sulfites to our wines. Our 10 years experience prooves that it is possible to make wines of a high quality, stable and defaultless, without chemical products or preservatives.

Organic and biodynamic agriculture

Wines without added sulfites

The vines and olive trees are cultivated in accordance with the techniques of organic farming under the Ecocert label and according to the principles of biodynamics.

Mechanical working of the soil, followed by application of compost and green fertilizer, provide the best possible conditions for their cultivation.

Our working methods rule out the use of chemicals, which encourages development of local biodiversity, the signature of our vineyard.